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About Us

Throttle Opener was successfully funded on Kickstarter thanks to hundreds of supportive individuals that purchased openers before manufacturing had even started! I am proud to say each and every backer received their order and since then Throttle Opener has been featured on many design & product sites including the following

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Press From Original Kickstarter Campaign

Opening a bottle is an odd movement if you think about it. For such a small cap, there is a lot of arm and wrist movement. I wanted to create a minimal and unique bottle opener that was also extremely easy to use. But simply making a bottle opener smaller can reduce mechanical efficiency. I took a step back to think about how the hand works and redesigned the opener to take advantage of grip strength. By locking the thumb and gripping the neck of the bottle, the cap pops right off with the Throttle Opener.

 Although compact, it’s never hard to find, Throttle Opener sticks to any magnetic surface due to the built-in powerful rare earth magnet and has a bottle shaped hole large enough for a key-ring. Keep Throttle Opener on your key chain or anywhere you like to enjoy a cold one. 

Thank you for visiting, please contact me at ststdesigns@gmail.com if you have any questions or comments, Cheers!!