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A Bottle Opener Cleverly Redesigned

Small enough to fit on top of a bottle cap and efficient enough to easily use one-handed.

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Great for Gifting and Sharing. Discounts on 3 & 6 Packs.

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Fantastic and clever little bottle opener! It's portable, light weight and the strong magnet makes storage easy kinda fun and creative. Most importany - it works. 

Fiona J.


A man is only as good as his tools. And this is a GREAT tool!

Bill P.

I love that you can open a beer with one hand. The magnet is strong and there is a place to put a key ring if desired. Don't leave home without it!


Five Stars! Great little gadget, strong magnet, and compact. Very handy

Ron H.


Great, compact bottle opener and easy to use.

Daniel G.


This thing is AWESOME! It’s a bottle opener, yeah. But it is pretty much the coolest one I own.

John A.

Received here in France and already used to open many bottle. Works really well, I love it !

Doc TB


This is the smallest well-functioning bottle opener I have ever used.

A. Freeman