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A Bottle Opener Cleverly Redesigned

Small enough to fit on top of a bottle cap and efficient enough to easily use one-handed.

Individually Packaged

Great for Gifting and Sharing. Discounts on 3 & 6 Packs.

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I love that you can open a beer with one hand. The magnet is strong and there is a place to put a key ring if desired. Don't leave home without it! 



This thing is AWESOME! It’s a bottle opener, yeah. But it is pretty much the coolest one I own. 


John A.

Fantastic and clever little bottle opener! It's portable, light weight and the strong magnet makes storage easy kinda fun and creative. Most importany - it works. 


Fiona J.

Five Stars! Great little gadget, strong magnet, and compact. Very handy


Ron H.

A man is only as good as his tools. And this is a GREAT tool


Bill P.

Great, compact bottle opener and easy to use. 


Daniel G.

Received here in France and already used to open many bottle. Works really well, I love it!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Doc TB

This is the smallest well-functioning bottle opener I have ever used. 


A. Freeman